Do we deliver if required?


What is our delivery charge?

Do I have to wash up the items?

Does vintage china mean chips and cracks?

How may people can we cater for?

Can we help with setting up?

Does our stock change regularly?

Do we buy stock on request?

Nanny Nellies Attic can deliver to your address if required. For full details, see our Hire Terms page.

 Up to 10 miles from our location is free of charge, up to 20 miles will cost £10 and up to 30 miles will cost £20. For deliveries further than 30 miles, we will arrange a quote. 

You only need to remove the worst of any waste. We do the rest!

No! Items may show signs of wear due to the vintage nature of the pieces, however there will be no chips or cracks.

We can cater for over 100 people. Exact numbers will depend on which items you require and whether you require matching items, which will limit the number that can be catered for. Contact us to discuss.

If you require help with setting up please let us know, we are happy to discuss helping you get started, especially for larger events.

Our stock is constantly increasing and evolving. Pieces inevitably get broken, which likely get replaced with items of a slightly different design, plus we add items to adjust our stock level according to customer needs.

Yes we are happy to consider purchasing additional stock if required for a specific event. Contact us with your requirements.

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